The timeless art of stop motion animation

Video styles dip in and out of fashion, just like anything else. But if there’s one thing we love that rarely feels outdated, it’s stop motion animation.

We’ve been doing a lot of stop motion recently here at Nemorin. We kicked things off this year with a mixed media film we produced for Hanhaa’s ParceLive, which combined 2D and stop motion animation.

Then more recently, we worked with Spark, one of New Zealand’s largest mobile networks, to create some stop motion Facebook ads. The models were created from scratch out of paper specifically for the videos, and our animation team spent a good couple of weeks in the studio meticulously moving them frame by frame.

It’s a job that requires a lot of patience, but results in a classic look that will stand the test of time. It’s charming, low-fi, sincere and honest, and drives audience reach & engagement. It’s also brilliant fun – for clients as well as for us – watching the models come to life.

We created these animations with papercraft, but you can create stop motion from anything. Traditionally models are made from clay or plasticine over wire frames. But why not animate dolls, toy cars or even food?

From Nemorin Creative on Vimeo.


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