Ingredients to a successful video ad strategy


Video is a powerful way of engaging and conveying brand messages, with consumers being more receptive than ever to video ad content. Not only are 40% of (US) adults watching branded content at least once a week, video ads have a moderate-strong correlation with sales, as 43% of consumers make a purchase after watching such content.


Consumers are embracing branded video content, they will engage with what demonstrates quality, and largely accepting nothing less. The bar has never been higher for creatives to develop unique and innovative video campaigns, with 63% of (UK) individuals demanding innovation in video advertising.


50% of individuals (UK) are indifferent to watching a video ad that is related to the video content they are watching. Personalise your content to the target audience, and be aired where they are! The more relevant your brand appears to be, the more engaged your customers will be, thereby the more…

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